‘Falling for’ Fridays

Just a little look into the things I’m ‘falling for’ these days…


#1.  Ornamental grasses…

Give your garden four seasons of interest with low-maintenance ornamental grasses. Here are some of the best varieties.

Matt and I are planning on mulching the back bed this weekend and then would come planting/landscaping.  I love the look of ornamental grasses but haven’t convinced him to join me on the bandwagon yet.  However thanks to our neighbors new privacy fence I did get the ‘ok’ to put a raised vegetable bed in our newly hidden side yard so I’ll take what I can get.


#2: This song

Seriously can’t stop playing this over and over again (luckily Matt likes it as much as I do!).  Granted the music video is a little weird but it’s an homage to Robert Palmer’s ‘Simply Irresistible‘ video and kind of a farce (read more about it here).  LOVE it!


#3:  This TV show…

It’s HGTV’s newest show Flipping the Block, about four teams who have to renovate condos while living in them… and the conditions are nasty!  The first episode was this past week and I’m hooked.  My girl Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict is one of the judges (love her!) and it’s pretty crazy seeing what all can be done in a few days.  Plus it’s nice to have something to watch when we veg out at nights since all our regular shows are on hiatus for the summer.


#4: Sliding/Barn doors…

narrow, sliding door..

upstairs bath door ideas

We need to do something about the door on our upstairs bathroom.  It opens into the room which is pretty narrow and makes it impossible to get to the bath/toilet while to door is open.  I’m thinking a pocket door might be the way to go (if we have room in the wall) but I’m also digging the sliding/barn door look.  Trouble is our wall space is limited so it would probably have to be something custom-built but I’ve found a couple of tutorials and just might do it…. maybe :).


#5:  This printable…

Hebrews 6:19 Printable from Elegance & Enchantment and The Thinking Closet

You know I love all things sea-inspired so this anchor printable from The Thinking Closet (shared on Elegance & Enchantment) is perfect.  Also I love free art, and you can too!  Just click the link at the bottom of her post to download your own printable copy.


So that’s what I’m falling for this week!  What are some of the things you’re falling for?