For better or worse?

Have you ever been to the eye doctor and had them flip the little lenses back and forth in front of your eyes while staring at the alphabet chart?  They ask you “which is better, lens A or lens B?”  Half the time there is a minuscule difference in clarity and I honestly don’t know which one to pick (um…B?  Maybe?).   Occasionally I suffer from the inability to pick the ‘better lens’ in my design choices too.

Which is where a fresh set of eyes comes in handy (aka yours)!

This particular dilemma is about a rug.  Actually a couple of rugs.  I bought these right when we moved into the house and promptly had to put them into storage thanks to a certain non-housebroken pup.  Now that she’s over that phase (yay!)  I felt it was time to break them out again.  Only thing is I can’t decide where to put them… help!

So do you like A…


or B?



Again, A…


or B?



And just to complicate it more here is are some alternate placements for both rugs…


So A…


or back to B?



And another A…


or B?



What do you think?  Do you love or hate any of the placements?  Should I start the hunt over with all new rugs?  Give up on rugs altogether and just have the bare floors?

Thank for the advice!


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