‘Falling for’ Fridays & #HELPZOE

This edition of ‘Falling for’ Fridays is dedicated to a sweet little girl named Zoe Tipping.

Matt and I belonged to Midtown Fellowship church when we lived in Columbia, SC.  We loved the family & community we had there and still miss it greatly.

A  couple of weeks ago at my sister-in-law’s wedding we ran into a friend who still attends Midtown and he told Matt of some terrible news.

Our former pastor Allen Tipping & his wife Courtney’s three-year old little girl Zoe has cancer.  Specifically Wilm’s tumor, an embryonic kidney cancer.  Zoe’s cancer is stage four and has spread to her lungs.

Read her story here.

I can’t tell you how much my heart has ached over sweet Zoe these past few weeks.  Life isn’t fair, not when a precious little girl has to suffer like this.  Not when a wonderful family who has been through so much pain has to endure so much more.  But in the same breath I am reminded that although not fair, life is a gift, and a gift we neither earn nor deserve.  As the Tippings say: “Zoe means life, and life is exactly what we are begging God for.”

Visit helpzoe.com  for more information and on how you can #helpzoe.