Installing a Ceiling Fan

I have this one weird super power that I can only access while asleep.  I turn into a living space heater and emit enough radiant heat to turn our bed into a furnace.  I believe this is why I’m so cold-natured, because I give off all my warmth during my REM cycles.  (If we could harness this heat I swear our power bills would be nothing in the winter).

And all this heat means I am a miserable sleeper in the summer.   Growing up we didn’t have central air.   Summer in the south is miserable most days with no AC, not to mention unbearable at night.  I’m still not sure how we all survived (drama drama drama, I know).  I remember having a huge floor fan in my room turned on full blast and pointed pointblank at my bed.  Even on the worst nights just that rush of air movement over me was enough to eventually lull me to sleep.

We moved to a house with AC when I was in high school and I’ve lived with it ever since.  However I still think the most blissful sleep is when waves of cool air blow over me from a fan.  Up until this point in our marriage we have lived in apartments with ceiling fans.  However our new house only has overhead lights in the bedrooms.  It didn’t bother me much during the winter but as the months have gotten warmer my nights have gotten more and more restless.  Cranking the AC up didn’t help so we bit the bullet and bought a ceiling fan


And I LOOUUURRRVVVVEEEEEEEE it.  We shopped around until we found something that fit the decor of the room (I’m working towards a white, black, & grey-blue palette with a little ‘sparkle’) and settled on the Hampton Bay Lyndhurst fan in black from Home Depot.  (I can’t find the particular color online but here is a link to it’s sister).  The black fan & blades match my leaning mirror and the crystal light shades are just beautiful.



Look at the pretty light patterns they throw around the room!


As far as installing goes, we were first-timers (not pros!) so I won’t begin to do a step-by-step lest you follow and end up electrocuting yourself.  However there were some pointers we found helpful along the way.

1) Read the directions all the way through before starting and then read them again.  Some steps didn’t make sense in the beginning but later on in the directions they were clarified.  This way you don’t skip something that seems out of place but ends up being crucial (or second guess something and have to re-do it.  Not that I did that ;)).

2) Set all your parts out before hand to see what all you’re working with and get a cup to place all your loose hardware in.  Also go ahead and get any tools recommended out so you don’t have to keep running out for them.  We ended up using screwdrivers (both flat and Phillips head), wire strippers.

3) Have a second pair of hands.  I have heard legend of people who can install ceiling fans solo.  All I can say is you ambidextrous, incredibly flexible, super strong people must be amazing.  Most times it worked well to have one of us hold the thing while the other did the attaching/screwing/assembling.

4) Make sure your power is off… and install with plenty of daylight left.  Obviously if you are taking down an overhead light you will need another light source!  Our install took a couple of hours so time your start for plenty of daylight.  And double check that your power to the overhead box is off (at your switches) and if you’re extra paranoid you can turn power off at the breaker box.

5) Wiring isn’t that scary (or hard)!  Our instructions came with very clear directions as to which color wire went to which switch: we were pre-wired from the builder for separate light & fan switches in this room.  However some wires could be in a variety of colors, so if you don’t see exactly what the directions say it’s best to consult with someone who knows what’s going on.  In this case the wires from the box didn’t match those from the fan so we consulted Matt’s Grandpa who has lots of experience in this matter.  Worst case scenario you wire to the wrong switch, it won’t work, and you have to take it apart and try again.  (But again, I am no expert, which is why there is no tutorial to follow).




Action shot:



Whee!  Fan’s are awesome, and a lot easier to install yourself than you might think!


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