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We have a new addition to our family…

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Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!


Matt and I have a track record of being ‘fast shoppers’.   When it comes time for us to make big purchases we typically make them the same day we go shopping  ‘just to look’.  This happened with our mattress, car, couch, and now our dining table.  In our defense we do a lot of online shopping/reading reviews before hand and we never allow ourselves to get serious about it until we have the money in our pockets.  I guess it’ just when we fall, we fall hard 🙂  I received a nice bonus this year at work and Matt told me I got to pick exactly what I wanted to spend it on.  I chose a new dining set and the hunt was on.

We knew we wanted a farmhouse-style table with lots of seating.  Since we don’t have a formal dining room it didn’t make sense to get a formal-style table but we still wanted something large enough to host a lot of people.  After a lot of internet searching we found this Champagne Dining Set at Macy’s of all places… and best of all it was SUPER on sale thanks to it being Memorial Day.  (Note: if you need to make a big furniture purchase and can wait until the next holiday, do it!  Most places have killer sales for things like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, etc.).

Luckily our local Macy’s had this one in stock so we could look at it in person (I am wary of buying things online sometimes, colors in pictures can be so deceiving).  And I was glad we went because even though the color online looked a little brown/tan, in real-life the wood had a lot more red in it which perfectly matched the floors/cabinets in the kitchen.  Matt actually made us walk around to a few more stores just to make sure we weren’t ‘rushing into things’… but we ended up back at Macy’s that night to place our order!

Fast forward a few days and they delivered and put the table together for me.  I had never ordered anything from Macy’s before but they had good service and I would recommend them to anyone.  One thing the sales lady told me was that by ordering in-store your money goes back into the local community (rather than online where it just goes to corporate) which was a cool factor for us.


It really is the perfect color for the space, you can see how well it goes with the cabinets in this shot.  The table, bench, and chairs are all solid acacia wood.



I only had four place-mats from the old table so I’m going to move those to the patio table outside (they’re woven plastic).  I found these gorgeous Moroccan-style printed ones at World Market after shopping around.



Matt’s sister got married this past weekend and my mother-in-law brought some of the flowers to me afterwards.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Sarah was a gorgeous bride, the wedding was truly beautiful, and we are so happy to officially welcome her husband Andrew to the family!



More wedding flowers


So that’s a short little update for this week.. We had a lot of Matt’s family in town for the wedding and already got to host a big breakfast at our table and it’s perfect!


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