Home Tour

Welcome to our home!

Front Door


This wreath (and it’s twin) hung on the doors to the church for our wedding.  My sister helped me make them; the flowers are made of paper and from Hobby Lobby (and yes almost three years later they still carry them!).  See more about the porch details here.


Living Room


The living room is painted in Sherwin Williams ‘Rainwashed’.  We hired a friend who is a contract painter to do most of the downstairs before we moved any furniture in and that was such a good move!  It was easy for him with no furniture to work around and he did such a better (and faster) job than we ever could have.


The massive sectional is an Ashley piece that we found way discounted at Unclaimed Furniture, a local furniture outlet.  It’s brown microfiber and holds up really well to the dogs (and they are rough!)  So far it’s been easy to keep clean.  I claimed the reclining chaise lounge and Matt sits in the full recliner next to me 🙂


The leather recliner is a handed down La-Z-Boy that Matt says we shall never part with.  He is a lot less inclined to sit there now that he has his sectional recliner so we’ll see ;).


Kitchen/Dining Area


I really really really wanted dark espresso colored cabinets when were picking out the finishings for our home.  But they 1) didn’t match the dark ‘Ubatuba’ granite we loved, 2) the dark hardwoods to go with them would have been so dog/dirt/kid unfriendly, and 3) dark cabinets are really trendy right now and who knows how long that fad will last.  So we chose this classic maple color instead and long-run I think I will love it.  I still sigh a little every time I see a kitchen with dark cabinets but I like the maple the more I live with it.  And it was certainly worth it to get to keep the granite we love. ::swoon::



The Jamison (our floor plan) doesn’t have a formal dining room and honestly we love it!  This year we hosted two Christmas dinners, a community group get-together, and a Super Bowl party and I love how the openness of everything allows for tons of people to fit in and all be together.  There’s not an inch of wasted space here!


WP_20140617_001 (1)

View of the dinning area with our new! Farmhouse table & chairs.   That rug (which is more green in person) is from Rug and Home, a local outlet place here is SC.  I have no idea what brand it is, only that it was a steal and it’s super soft (and easy to clean!)



There is another long blank wall here in the dining area that I plan to turn into a gallery wall (old picture before the new table).




It’s a hallway.   Other than paint (SW rainwashed, same as living room) and some art, there isn’t much to see here. 🙂


Half Bath


This little guy has so much potential!  It’s still a boring builder-beige box right now but it has good bones and I have big plans for it.



It has the same high ceilings as the rest of the downstairs, with a funky slope from being under the stairs, so I’m trying to plan around that in the design.


Laundry Room


Sophie and Chloe live here, and crates are not cute.  While I am extremely grateful they aren’t in my bedroom any more, I’m hoping to add a little color/design to this room to make me smile.  And more covered storage!  Since I’m the one who spends the most time in here (besides the dogs) I think that’s allowed!


Master Bedroom


The walls are Sherwin Williams ‘Silvermist’.  And this room is huge!  Even our king-sized bed looks a little dwarfed in here.  I’m on the hunt for some great used dressers/storage to refinish and beef things out a bit.  I also want to add chunky crown molding to cozy up the 9 foot ceilings in here.

The floor mirror was a present from Matt for my birthday, it’s from the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot of all places.  I looked at hundreds of mirrors and hands down this was my favorite and at such a good price.  Of course it has the obligatory doggy nose prints all over the bottom from every time Chloe sees herself in it 🙂


Master Bathroom



The master bath is Sherwin Williams ‘Sea Salt’.  We opted for the larger 5 foot shower instead of a garden tub and it’s awesome.  We actually get a lot of light through the little glass block window.  I want to keep a beachy fresh feel in here and hope to add some more décor soon.

….And on to the upstairs tour!

We basically plopped some furniture down in these rooms and called it a day.  They are clean (for the most part) and comfortable for when guests stay, but we decided to put our time and money into the downstairs first since that’s where we live.  We joke that we bought the upstairs for ‘the future’ only so we never have to move again 🙂

Let’s go right upstairs…



I love how wide our stairwell is.  It’s perfect for running the dogs up and down chasing the laser on rainy days (because that’s the most use it ever gets).  Someday we will paint it and I would love a cool gallery wall with maps of places special to us but that’s for down the road.



This is how the stairwell looks most days with our ‘doggy gate’ aka my-sister-found-this-canvas-in-a-dumpster-and begged-me-to-paint-her-something-pretty-over-it.  (I’ll get to it someday Sis, maybe when Chloe learns it is not cool to pee on the guest room bed).  Sigh.

 Upstairs landing


Upstairs landing, again, pretty boring.  The door to the guest bathroom is in front of you.




View of guest bathroom…



with the shower on your left.  Someday this room will get a nice light coat of paint.  The builder beige in here makes everything so dull and yellow.


Bedroom #1


To the right of the bathroom we have the two bedrooms, this is the ‘blue room’.



In which only the bedding and curtains are blue.  This is most likely the future nursery as it is the smallest of all the rooms and is nice and dark when you shut the curtains.  Yay for (hopefully) long nap times!



All the bedrooms have these awesome walk-in closets for storage too!


Bedroom #2


Then we have the larger of the bedrooms which I call the ‘sunshine room’ because of the FOUR east-facing windows.  Time to get up for school kid!



This room also has a cool nook that I think would make an awesome kids’ play/reading corner someday.  Right now it’s my craft/junk corner.  Sorry for the blurry pic.  It makes mess look more artsy? 😉


Bonus room 


To the left of the bathroom is our huge bonus room.  Right now it is just housing all the junk that hasn’t found a good home yet but eventually this will be a computer/craft/tv/rec/exercise/play room.  I’ve already got a paint color picked out and plan started!



This corner will turn into the craft area.  I’m going to make a long desk/work area out of a door we found in the trash of the neighbor house’s building site.  (That’s two dumpster dive stories in one post in case you were counting)



The TV will stay where it is and the computer desk will move into this corner.



And this last corner will be the exercise/play area next to the couch.  Which hopefully we will upgrade to a nice sectional someday for more seating.  And add built-in storage along the walls?  Who knows!

So that concludes the tour!  I love the potential in all the blank slates in this house and I can’t wait for my next project.  Thanks for stopping by!



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