About Us

Hi I’m Rebecca and this is my awesome husband Matt.


A little about me: I work 9-5 as an Admin for a Recruiting firm but I have an art degree and find joy in creativity.  Things that make me happy: paint, flowers, sparkly things, strong coffee, furry animals, warm sunshiny days, puzzles, my family, my hubby, and hippos (yes hippos).

A little about Matt:  He’s an incredibly smart & hardworking CPA by day and an amazing supportive husband by night (well by day too, but you know what I mean).  Things that make him happy: golf, cutting grass, a good steak, crunching numbers (seriously), getting a good deal, and putting up with his awesome wife’s crazy ideas (I may have embelished that last one).

A little about us: We’ve been married for a few years and can honestly say we are having a blast just being together.  We like to cook, hike, travel, and spend time with our friends and family.  This is the story of how we’re turning our NEW! house into a really wonderful forever home.

Of course our story would not be complete without introducing you to our two fur-babies Sophie and Chloe.


They are rescue Boston Terribles Terriers who are best friends and they love to chase balls, give kisses, and pull us on long walks.  You’ll likely seem them in various posts as they like be in the mix of everything and, let’s face it, they’re just adorable (I might be biased).

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