Why Whole 30?

I’m starting the Whole 30 program today.  When I first heard about this program from a coworker I really thought he must be crazy.  I was so focused on the things you can’t eat that I dismissed it as impossible.  Sure I would like to lose weight and be healthy but I could never do something that extreme.  So I kept on doing nothing.

Then my church went through a new study called Body Matters and I began to see some really wrong views I was assuming when it came to my body and how I was caring for it.  It began to expose some real sin (hellooooo laziness) in my unwillingness to care & steward properly for what I began to realize was God’s already.  It’s a pretty foreign idea, especially in western culture, that our bodies don’t really belong to us but rather to God.  And that if I choose to neglect exercise and overindulge in food I am not just hurting myself but actually choosing to be a poor steward of God’s creation.

Being really convicted I started doing research on Whole 30 and on clean eating in general.  I have talked to people who have done it personally and seen how it affected them in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways  Now I am motivated to begin my own journey.  I fully expect this to be hard.  Dying to self always is.  And this program isn’t for everyone, I understand that, but I need clean break and a fresh start.  So here we go!

Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most. #CheBrown

And to remind myself when I want to quit – this is why whole 30.

Because my body is not my own.  It is God’s temple.

Because twenty pounds in four years.

Because new bigger jeans bought six months ago are already too tight.

Because holy hormones (batman).

Because thirty years.

Because strength.

Because willpower.

Because health and wellness.

Because healing.

Because friends’ testimonies & journeys.

Because a supportive husband.

Because I’m ready.

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