Mulch Ado About Nothing


As you might have seen hinted on my instagram feed… we’ve mulched!


We had eight cubic yards of the stuff delivered on a Friday morning and spread it on Saturday.

WP_20140726_007 (1)

This is our first time mulching since we’ve been in the house and we had no idea how much we would need.  Matt googled ‘mulch calculator’ and found one to help us estimate.  Basically you impute the area of the beds you want to mulch & how thick you want it spread and it will estimate how many yards you should order.  We had to guess on the areas of the beds since they are all weird shapes but it was close enough.


The most important reason for mulch was the huge bed in out backyard.  It used to look like this:


We didn’t have them sod this area (because it was extra and who wants to mow on a hill) and instead we put down pine straw with the intention of making this a nice planted area.  However once spring kicked in the weeds (and grass) went CRAZY and started busting through the straw like it wasn’t even there.

I did some research on the best way to kill these weeds and reclaim the space.  We looked at landscape fabric but that seemed to not be worth it in the long run (it has to be replaced eventually to be effective & weeds can still grow on top).  I was hoping to go another chemical-free route, either an all-natural spray or the smothering method (cardboard & newspaper layers with mulch on top).  However the reviews I read for all-natural sprays weren’t very good (if you know of something that works let me know!) and the sheer size of the bed nixed the smothering method (didn’t have access to that much material).  So we went for weed killer.



Matt it action, killing those weeds!

We got the Round-Up Weed & Grass Killer III for a few reasons.  It absorbs through the leaves so it wouldn’t hurt my nearby day lilies.  It is waterproof & people/pet safe after it dries (10 mins).  And lastly it isn’t a preventive weed killer and leaves the soil shortly which allows us to add plants this fall.


And here is the After:


so much better


Everything looks so much cleaner and professional here now.  Just one more step towards looking like grownups live here 🙂


We ended up leaving the pine straw and putting the mulch right on top.  My thought was it would decompose and help enrich the soil.  The landscaper that works for our builder told us pine straw was also good around the house because bugs don’t like it and it helps keep them away.  Not sure if that’s true, but I’ll trust the expert… and anything that means less bugs is great in my book!



Still left to do is to clean up the grass line with an edger tool since the sod grew in all wonky.  I would also like to add some sort of edging like this to keep the grass out.  Lastly we will plant some shrubs/trees/perennials here this fall to really flesh things out.



my pretty day lilies are loving it!


What’s new around your house?  Doing any landscaping yourself?


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