Pinterest Fail: Iron Cleaning

I’m wise enough to know that if something seems to good to be true then it probably is.  Especially when it comes to cleaning.  There is no magical product that instantly eliminates stains, magically vanquishes mold, and also folds your laundry for you.

However there is still a little part of me that thinks ‘well what if this is the one this that does work and I’m missing out!!!’ (albeit a very lazy part).

And so I still save all kinds of ‘home remedies’ and ‘miracle cleaning tips’ when I see them on Pinterest.  And while I have had varied success with some of them, this is a tale of one that failed.

I have this dirty iron:



I bought this iron before we got married because it was cheap and I needed one.  I don’t iron that often and this one gets me through those few times when Matt needs a nice work shirt (hooray for casual offices!).  I’m not even sure what causes the gunk buildup on the plate but it hasn’t bothered me in all the years I’ve had it.

However the last two times I’ve tried to iron something the first pass has left a gunky stain on the item being pressed.  Not much is worse for this lazy-girl-who-hates-ironing than creating more work by now having to wash, dry, and iron a shirt all over again. (especially when that shirt was one you picked out for your hubby to wear to his sister’s wedding so that he would look good in family photos and now everything is ruined… yes I like to panic)

So I decided to try a tip I found on Pinterest and see what happened.  The tutorial I found was originally from Bargain Hoot and seemed very promising.  Just baking soda, water, and time should magically clean my iron.

So I made my paste using baking soda and a little water…



Propped up my iron on a dish towel and spread the paste on…



And let it sit for the recommended 45 minutes.

Then you were supposed to just wipe the paste off and the gunk should come with it… instead mine looked exactly the same.  I even tried scrubbing a little bit but that gunk wasn’t budging.

I decided to try another tip I had read in the comments to add vinegar for extra cleaning power…



So I filled a pie tin with vinegar, dunked the baking soda-covered iron in, and left it to soak (oooh bubbles!).  By bedtime a few hours later that gunk was still stuck.   I decided to let it sit overnight just to see what would happen.

In the morning I gave the iron a good scrubbing and it still looked like this:



A teeny bit of the gunk came off but not nearly enough to trust the iron on any of our clothes again.

So I’m ready to chalk this one up to a Pinterest Fail.  I’m not saying this tutorial doesn’t work, or that it won’t work for you, but it certainly wasn’t magical for me.

So now I’m on the hunt for a better cleaning tutorial.  If you have any recommendations let me know! (Matt recommended that I buy a new iron, but what fun would that be?)


Has anyone else tried any miracle cleaning tips that failed miserably?  Tried any that actually worked?  Do tell!



Thanks for stopping by!

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‘Falling for’ Fridays

Just a little look into the things I’m ‘falling for’ these days… yard/garden edition!

#1: This tutorial…

how to edge flower beds like a pro, flowers, gardening, Isn t this edge pretty Trust me this is very easy to do All you need are three tools you likely already have on hand

With the addition of lots of mulch I can tell our beds are in desperate need of edging.  This tutorial makes it seem pretty easy (if only their weren’t miles of bed edges in our yard!).


#2.  This view…

Benefits of Oak Trees


We recently came into a little bit of unexpected money (doesn’t that sound shady! seewhatididthere) and Matt decided to spend it on trees for the back yard.  He really loves oak trees and since he so rarely wants things around the house I’m happy to let him pick out a couple of these beauties.  Of course ours won’t look like this guy for years (and years and years) however I am so excited about the potential for shade.  I didn’t know how much I (and my pale skin) would miss trees & shade until we bought this house.


#3:  This space…

Shady Places

better homes & gardens

Speaking of shade, isn’t this a gorgeous space?  I don’t know about the upkeep (or price) with tents but this looks amazing!


#4: This disguise…

Conceal the Air-Conditioner

better homes & gardens

Ugly outside appliances no more!  I just need to figure out the ground cover situation so it wouldn’t be an issue for Matt to mow/weed around the structure.  I’m thinking maybe crushed stone or gravel? (Secretly I wish we had artificial turf like all the Yard Crasher re-dos.  Not really… but the maintenance must be awesome).


#5:  These lights…

Mason Jar Solar Lights

garden therapy

How cool are these lights?  I think we for sure need to make some for the backyard.  With all the sunlight we get back there it would power them for ages!  Not to mention this is a pretty cheap and very easy looking project… just the kind I like.


So that’s what I’m falling for this week!  What are some of the things you’re falling for?


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Should it stay or should it go?

As mention in my last Falling for Fridays post our master bedroom just doesn’t feel right.  We bought this bedding on clearance online when we upgraded to our king sized bed and I’ve never really loved it.  I thought it looked bright and airy and I liked the ‘plumpness’ of it.  Turns out it reminds me more of camo colors than anything else and the pillow covers (shams & euros) lost their look after one wash.  No matter how I ironed & starched I couldn’t get the edges crisp and full again and it just looked dumpy.

Bed before:



Then I found a king-sized comforter set at Target on clearance that I really liked and picked it up for our guest bedroom.  It stayed up there for a few months and I kept wishing it was in our master (because, you know switching them would have been sooooo hard).  I didn’t think the cream & grey-brown would go with our current paint color (SW Silvermist) which I love.  And no, repainting wasn’t an option because I’m pretty sure Matt would have laughed in my face if I mentioned it (we just paid to have this room professionally painted nine months ago).

And then I saw this picture that gave me confidence:

Master Bedroom Retreat, I Chose The Gray/Blue And Brown Colors With A Blue And Grey Bedroom Ideas For Men Or Boys Modern Furniture Design


I was striping the upstairs beds to wash the sheets after some guests left when I finally decided to just try it.  And then I kicked myself for not doing it long ago.  Because it’s just so much better.  The colors play really nicely together (who knew) and I think I can finally see a vision for this space that I just didn’t have before.


Bed after:


There is still much that needs to be done but it’s an improvement.

I still want to do the following things in this space:

  • get a new bed skirt
  • re-upholster the headboard or build a bed frame
  • thrift & re-finish two night stands (the current white one will move upstairs, the other is a laundry hamper)
  • thrift & re-finish two dressers (a tall one to replace the wooden shelving which will be stained & move to the living room, and a long one to replace the current dorm dressers which will be saved & painted for future kiddos)
  • replace the curtains? (more cream-colored?  move the current ones upstairs?)
  • repaint the initials over the bed frame?  change the art out?
  • add silver/glass lamps

And here is my first ‘mood board’ (please forgive my pretty pathetic editing skills)




Have you ever ‘shopped’ your house to work with what you have?  Did you believe something would never work until you saw it with your own eyes?


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‘Falling for’ Fridays

Just a little look into the things I’m ‘falling for’ these days…

#1: This TV show…

Fixer Upper is our new addiction!  Chip and Joanna are such an adorable couple and I love watching them transform these old houses into gorgeous homes.  Also I want Joanna to come help me decorate my house, I LOVE her style.  And I want to hang out with them, I think we would have a lot of fun 🙂 (why is Texas so far away?  SIGH)  My favorite thing about this show is just how upbeat it is – even through the unexpected messes & problems of renovation these two keep their cool and everyone seems to genuinely love what they do.


#2.  These stripes…

aqua and white striped bathroom


I want to do this look in my laundry room.  Thick chunky aqua and white stripes.  I’m thinking of doing the entire wall behind the appliances a solid color and stripes everywhere else.


#3:  These flowers…

Limelight hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangeas are nothing new but I still love their look.  I want to put these in the long back bed we just mulched along with maybe some pale pink Knockout Roses like the ones below?


#4: This bedroom…

Master Bedroom Retreat, I Chose The Gray/Blue And Brown Colors With A Blue And Grey Bedroom Ideas For Men Or Boys Modern Furniture Design


It’s been hard to create a gender neutral bed room that both Matt and I love (okay, okay, his idea of ‘love it’ just means no pink or flowers).  The bedspread we have now is okay but I found some new bedding on clearance for our guest room and I’m contemplating switching it out with what’s currently in the master.  Our walls are already a similar grey and the spread is white with brown leaves (like the shams in this picture) so I’m thinking I can make it work.


#5:  These jars…

picture source:

My friend Brooke collects these beauties.  We were over at her apartment the other night and she has them lined up on display above her kitchen cabinets.  Brooke has amazing  taste in decorating and I love her unique ideas… now I want to start my own collection!


So that’s what I’m falling for this week!  What are some of the things you’re falling for?


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Mulch Ado About Nothing


As you might have seen hinted on my instagram feed… we’ve mulched!


We had eight cubic yards of the stuff delivered on a Friday morning and spread it on Saturday.

WP_20140726_007 (1)

This is our first time mulching since we’ve been in the house and we had no idea how much we would need.  Matt googled ‘mulch calculator’ and found one to help us estimate.  Basically you impute the area of the beds you want to mulch & how thick you want it spread and it will estimate how many yards you should order.  We had to guess on the areas of the beds since they are all weird shapes but it was close enough.


The most important reason for mulch was the huge bed in out backyard.  It used to look like this:


We didn’t have them sod this area (because it was extra and who wants to mow on a hill) and instead we put down pine straw with the intention of making this a nice planted area.  However once spring kicked in the weeds (and grass) went CRAZY and started busting through the straw like it wasn’t even there.

I did some research on the best way to kill these weeds and reclaim the space.  We looked at landscape fabric but that seemed to not be worth it in the long run (it has to be replaced eventually to be effective & weeds can still grow on top).  I was hoping to go another chemical-free route, either an all-natural spray or the smothering method (cardboard & newspaper layers with mulch on top).  However the reviews I read for all-natural sprays weren’t very good (if you know of something that works let me know!) and the sheer size of the bed nixed the smothering method (didn’t have access to that much material).  So we went for weed killer.



Matt it action, killing those weeds!

We got the Round-Up Weed & Grass Killer III for a few reasons.  It absorbs through the leaves so it wouldn’t hurt my nearby day lilies.  It is waterproof & people/pet safe after it dries (10 mins).  And lastly it isn’t a preventive weed killer and leaves the soil shortly which allows us to add plants this fall.


And here is the After:


so much better


Everything looks so much cleaner and professional here now.  Just one more step towards looking like grownups live here 🙂


We ended up leaving the pine straw and putting the mulch right on top.  My thought was it would decompose and help enrich the soil.  The landscaper that works for our builder told us pine straw was also good around the house because bugs don’t like it and it helps keep them away.  Not sure if that’s true, but I’ll trust the expert… and anything that means less bugs is great in my book!



Still left to do is to clean up the grass line with an edger tool since the sod grew in all wonky.  I would also like to add some sort of edging like this to keep the grass out.  Lastly we will plant some shrubs/trees/perennials here this fall to really flesh things out.



my pretty day lilies are loving it!


What’s new around your house?  Doing any landscaping yourself?


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‘Falling for’ Fridays

Just a little look into the things I’m ‘falling for’ these days…

#1: These bedroom colors…

guest room, grey/green, white, & coral

Beautiful little space

Great idea for getting the drapery length you need. combine a patterned drape with a white panel. I like that the pop of colour is on top.

(don’t know the source on these photos, both from my Pinterest house boards)

After painting one of our guest rooms I’m itching to add a little more color and furnishings.  I’m thinking lots of white to brighten up the smaller room and pops of coral… Matt says no pink in the house but surely our guests won’t mind 🙂


#2.  This recipe…

Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole...light and healthy casserole, low calorie, low fat, healthy, clean eating recipe

Creamy Chicken, Quinoa, and Broccoli Casserole from here.  We are on a quest to eat healthier and that includes ‘super foods’ like quinoa… but I get easily turned of by the strong taste.  However I have found that cooking the quinoa in chicken broth actually tones down the flavor, and this recipe is no exception.  This one isn’t as quick as I like my weekday recipes to be but is certainly worth a shot on weekends.  It’s creamy and flavorful, and makes great leftovers.


#3:  This DIY wooden sign tutorial…

lettered sign

Karah over at The Space Between shared this image transfer tutorial that she used to create this word art sign awhile back.  I recently dumpster dived  with my sis at one of the under-construction-houses in our neighborhood and picked up a lot of scrap wood.  Now I’m itching to make myself a cool sign like this!


#4: This fabric…

54'' Braemore Gazebo Cloud Drapery Fabric & Upholstery Fabric By The Yard by Braemore,

It’s called ‘Gazebo Cloud’ by Braemore and it’s beautiful!  I’m determined to put this somewhere in my house but I haven’t figured out where yet.  Also it can be a little expensive so I’m waiting on a good sale to bite the bullet.


#5:  Babies and their best furry friends…

Dogs. I Love them.

(don’t know the source for this, found on Pinterest)

So sweet!  Melts my heart.  I hope my fur babies love our future kids just as much someday (and vise versa).  The golden retriever licking the baby?  That would be Chloe.  And Sophie would be the one letting the kid sleep on top of her. 🙂


So that’s what I’m falling for this week!  What are some of the things you’re falling for?


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