More specifically Sherwin Williams Contented.  As is the paint we picked out for one of our guest rooms.


Sherwin Williams runs a 40% off sale every now and then, and we happened to see an ad that it was going on a few weekends ago.  We had been debating paint colors for the upstairs for a while and the sale made us decide to bite the bullet and pick a color.  I was sick of the builder beige anyways.  Contented is a color I have pinned a few times before and it’s a nice cool neutral (like the rest of the house) that will work well for a guest room or possible future kids room.  We went with SW Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex paint in an eggshell finish because it is a zero VOC formula (no fumes) and has extra durability/washability.

While there we also picked up a few gallons of Anew Gray for the bonus room.



Supplies used (from top, clockwise): roller extension poll, i-pad/pandora (tunes are a must have!), disposable roller tray liners, cordless drill, rags, roller wand, painters tape, roller covers, 2″ angled brush, & paint cup.  See below for our reviews/recommendations!



We started out by clearing the room: taking off the linens and pushing the bed to the middle of the room, removing the curtains & hardware, removing all outlet covers and light switch plates, taking down the blinds & hardware.  Luckily this room was pretty sparse so this step didn’t take long.



Next we caulked/prepped a few areas that needed attention.  There was a space where the trim over the closet door didn’t meet the wall and the window had some drywall cracks that were previously hidden by the blinds.   Just make sure to use paintable caulk and wait the recommended amount of drying time before painting over it.  In this case we did everything else first and painted these areas last.  We also used a putty knife to pop off a few paint drips the builders had left.



Then it was time for taping.  I used ScotchBlue Edge Lock painters tape to tape off the baseboards and any tight spaces (like the closet door trim).  This tape worked great with no seepage except in one area where I didn’t press it down firmly enough.  After testing my steadiness I decided to leave any open vertical spaces and the ceiling un-taped because I could cut right in with a clean line without the extra effort of taping off.  I used a 2″ angled brush from Wooster for this process and I looooved it.  My advice would be to get a good quality short-handled angled brush like this, tape a section off, and try your hand.  Chances are you won’t even need tape in most areas.

Here is a great cutting-in tutorial from Sherry over at Young House Love.  Seriously it could change your life ;).





While I cut in Matt started on the next wall and rolled.  A tip here is to use an extension rod on your roller (you can even use a broom handle withe the end removed!) even with short walls as it will save your shoulders and neck from a lot of strain.  We started on different walls and moved in the same direction so we wouldn’t be in each others way.  Matt laid down a little tarp to protect the carpet from over-spray but I just did without.  I found it was easier to just be careful than to worry about a drop cloth.



I also got the HANDy paint cup that has a magnet to hold your brush when not in use…. GENIUS!  No worrying about dripping, needing an extra hand, or the brush falling too far into your cup.



Our pups came to supervise while we painted.  I was a little worried about them getting into stuff but they were tired from a long weekend of playing and just fell asleep under the bed.  My hearts 🙂


To recap, here is the room before paint…



And after we put it back together (far from finished lol).  I switched the previous heavy blue curtains with white sheers I already had on hand for a lighter look.  Everything else will probably stay as is for a while.  However I love how just a gallon of paint and a few hours work can totally change the look of a room (goodbye beige haze!).



Love this Emily Dickinson quote.


And yes, the black and white blur in the bottom right is Sophie & Chloe play fighting like they do all-day-every-day.


Thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “Contented

  1. Builder beige is such a bummer, isn’t it? Not to mention the flat and watered down quality… I have been working on covering much of mine. I should check out that cutting in tutorial. I recently tried a new trick that left me the cleanest line I’ve ever gotten with dark colours, but required a smidge more work.

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