Things just got edgy around here. Not because we did something radical or envelope pushing but because we did a little landscaping… specifically we added edging stones to all our beds (see what I did there?).


Aren’t they pretty?

Our lawn is Bermuda grass which grows really well in our hot humid climate. Too well actually. It is pretty invasive and sends out these long ‘runners’ everywhere… Including into our mulched beds. I did realize how much it had grown in until we started edging the beds to prepare for the stones. I pulled hundreds of two/three foot long runners out of our beds that were actually growing right up under the pine straw and putting down roots.


We edged the beds by creating a trench a few inches wide around the perimeter of the beds using an edging tool. Then we added back a little dirt and some sand to level out the trench. Sand is key here in getting your stones to lay even, it is way easier to play with than dirt. We just used all purpose sand from the outdoor section of lowes. For our all of our beds it took about 2 1/2 bags.


Our yard and mulch bed in front of the porch actually slope downward. We chose to follow the slope of the yard and not build up a level wall here. So for this part I just ran my hand over the tops of the stones as we laid them to make sure they were at a uniform height compared to their neighbors. If there was a considerable difference in the transition between two stones I simply removed some sand underneath and wiggled it around until it became smooth. (I say ‘I’ for all these parts because I was responsible for placement of the stones while Matt did the carrying of supplies/pouring sand/heavy labor. It’s nice to have a man around ;)). All in all it took us about half a day from start to finish including a run to the store for supplies.

I love the polished look something so simple and easy gave our yard (now only if the backyard would catch up…)


And just to keep it real here is the view beside our newly beautified yard…


One day we will have a finished yard πŸ™‚

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