Boston withdrawal…

Sorry for the lack of house-related posts lately.  Matt and I took an extended vacation over the Forth of July and it was blissfully rejuvenating.

We stayed in a condo in the Belle Isle Yacht Club in Georgetown, SC (yes, yacht club, we’re fancy like that ;-)) and spent most of our days either at the community beach house in Pawleys Island or at the pool overlooking Winyah Bay.  I apparently was so relaxed I forgot to take any pictures to share except this sunset view off our balcony.  I LOVED the giant live oak trees, the spanish moss, the beautiful water.   We even saw gators in the pond one morning!  The view from the pool was more of this with palm trees.  It was so nice to spend the day at the beach and then come home to relax in the pool with this view.  Truly heaven!



My mom and dad watched the pups for us and they are still hanging out with them as we haven’t had a chance to make the drive up to get them yet.  I missed them a bit on vacation but now that we’re home I miss them like crazy!  I told Matt it was too quiet, peaceful, and clean in our house without them 🙂  Luckily we are meeting my dad halfway tonight to get them back AND getting to keep their Boston Terrier Dixie (Chloe’s sister) and Jack Russel Bandit for the weekend.

Luckily my mom sent me lots of pictures of their shenanigans while away to get me through…

V__5464 V__4CB0 V__F539 V__CF68 V__3801 V__47AC V__86BA  V__EF60 V__54ED

As you can see they had a great time going for walks, swimming, sunning, playing, sleeping, destroying, and general being Boston Terribles.  Major props to my parents for taking on all three for two weeks!

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