‘Falling for’ Fridays

Just a little look into the things I’m ‘falling for’ these days…

#1: This swimming girl…


Sophie is a champion swimmer.  From the day she decided that water wasn’t scary it has been hard to keep her out of it.  And although it’s pretty unusual for Bostons to like water we always hoped Chloe would follow in Soph’s footsteps.  The first couple times we took her it seemed pretty unlikely… when put in the water it was clear she could swim but it didn’t seem that she would ever want to.  Well this week we went over to my sister’s place to try again.  She has a pond on the property where she lives and the girls love to go visit.  Sophie immediately jumped in to retrieve her swim toy and a few seconds later… plop!  Chloe got in by herself and swam around like a little otter!   It took her a few tries to grab the swim toy without drowning herself but she got the hang of it!  So proud of my baby girl! 🙂


#2.  This recipe…


I love finding recipes that are quick, easy, and delicious for a weeknight meal and this hit all three!   I served it over brown rice and also added steamed broccoli.  Matt and I couldn’t stop exclaiming how delicious this was and we both seriously looked forward to the leftovers (fatties, haha).  I found it on pinterest but the link to the original blog post can be found here.


#3:  This duvet set…


I’ve been wanting something lighter and brighter for our master bedroom and this set really caught my eye.  It is the Lombard Signature from Crane & Canopy.  I’ve never bought anything from them before but discovered them on The Happy Housie’s bedroom makeover post.  It’s the exact style that I’ve been looking for and much more reasonable than most bed sets I’ve seen.  I would love for the Lombard set to come live with me someday soon (hint hint Matt).


#4: This patio makeover…

Outdoor patio redesign: new deck on top of concrete slab

Matt and I have a boring ol’ slab of concrete that serves as our backyard patio.  Functionally it’s great, but it’s not so pretty on the eyes.  Since our house is built on a slab we really didn’t think we could do much in the way of a deck (and we’re not very builder-knowledgeable people).  When I stumbled upon this post by the View Along The Way I knew we had found our answer.  Pretty backyard deck here we come!


#5:  This face…

Puppy Enjoying a Popsicle

SERIOUSLY how cute is that?!?!  Sure, this is not my dog, nor do I have any idea whose dog this is, BUT it’s a squishy faced pup loving him some Popsicle.  I’ve had a rough week at work and sometimes you just need a fuzzy-pick-me-up.  You’re welcome 🙂


So that’s what I’m falling for this week!  What are some of the things you’re falling for?

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