Mountain Weekend

We spent the weekend in the North Carolina Mountains near Highlands, NC with our community group from church.

The house where we stayed belonged to friends of our group leaders who generously let us come up and crash for a few days.  It was such a cool mountain house with really great décor and beautiful views.  Even though I forgot my good camera I managed to snag some pictures on my phone to share!


The house as you drive up (and up and up and UP.  This really was a mountain top location!).



I want one of these trees 🙂



View from the front porch…


and view from the back porch!


You walk inside to these high lofted ceilings…


and a two-story fireplace.  I loved the old ladder as décor!


View of the living area from the loft.


This back porch swing was awesome.


A bunch of fun details from around the house:




We also drove into Highlands and did some shopping/sightseeing.


I forgot to take many pictures thanks to being distracted with car-sickness but I did manage to get this one of a mason jar ‘tree’ in a cool home shop there.


On the drive home we stopped to check out Dry Falls… which was actually very wet.


Love him 🙂


You can see the tiny-looking people in the right of this shot; the waterfall is huge!



The coolest thing about this waterfall is you can walk behind it.

WP_20140531_011 WP_20140531_013 WP_20140531_014 WP_20140531_015

Our community group leaders


It was so good to get away to the mountains and spend some time in creation and hanging out with a great group of people.  I hope your weekend was equally wonderful, if not, I highly recommend checking this place out!

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