The Never Ending Fence

This is a story about a fence.


This fence.

A looooooong fence. (at least it is not a long story!)

We had this beautiful sturdy six-foot beauty built by our home builders before we moved in.  It has been such a blessing to not have to worry about leashes or shoes in the mornings to take dogs out.  Since we wanted our fence to always be beautiful we knew it had to be stained.

After tax season Matt has lots of built up vacation time so my brave hubby decided to take a week off work and stain the fence.

We had a $25 off coupon so we went to Lowes and loaded up on fence stain.  After reading lots of reviews we chose to go with Flood brand CWF-UV in Cedar.  It had really great reviews and was significantly cheaper than a lot of others out there.  And with a fence as large as ours we knew we would be needing a lot of stain.  We liked the cedar color (which was good be cause it was all our local Lowes carried) so we bought a 5-gallon can and some supplies.

Matt contemplated using a sprayer but after talking to several people who had recently stained their fences he decided to try rolling instead.  We heard the mess was significantly less applying by hand and that you end up using a ton more stain with a sprayer.  We also bought a big ‘fence’ brush to cut into all the areas he couldn’t reach with a roller.  I helped him do some of this after work a few days and Matt’s mom came and helped him too.

It was a slow process.  First of all we happened to have record-breaking hot weather for May and most days not a cloud in the sky.  Secondly the inside of the fence has three cross bars which is great for support but not so great for trying to paint around.

There were multiple times after staining all day where Matt decided we could live with a half stained fence.  And seeing how just a few hours of that tedious work in the awful heat knocked me out I would have willingly agreed with him.  But I didn’t marry a quitter and I am so impressed by how hard he worked to get this thing finished.

And for those who still think spraying is the way to go, Matt did end up trying it with a small hand-held one.  Grandpa S gave us his to try and after two back-breaking days with the roller Matt pulled it out to give it a try.  I wasn’t home for this but his consensus was it was equally slow, maybe a bit easier, but the quality wasn’t as good.  It was a really uneven application and left streaks everywhere.  It could have been user error or the quality of the spray gun but after one fence panel Matt went back to the roller.

100 of days later, it’s done. (That might be an exaggeration, but it sure felt that long)


Love the cedar color with the green grass (that’s slowly growing in).

And folks, it’s beautiful.  Sure it’s not perfect and it was certainly a horrible hot, sweaty, sunburnt, muscle achy, slow, tiring, tedious process but I am super proud of the work Matt did!  And grateful that I had as little involvement as I did.




Here’s one more before:



And the after:


Sophie photo bomb.  Girlfriend loves being near her people 🙂

So in conclusion: This is never going to be a fun/cheap/easy project.  Save your pennies and pay a professional OR rent a commercial sprayer.


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