DIY Mirrored Windows

We have a long bare wall on the back of our living room where the stairs are and since we moved in I knew I wanted to do a cool project to hang there.  I wanted something involving mirrors and since they are so expensive I figured I could create my own for much less.  After some research I came across Krylon’s looking glass spray.  It’s a spray paint you spray on the back of a piece of glass to give the front a mirror-like effect.

The next step was finding something cool to paint on.  My sister happens to live in the converted loft of a barn and had some old wooden windows laying around the building.  She donated two to my cause (after asking the landlords of course) and I got started.  If you don’t happen to have an awesome sister with a cool window-filled barn you can find them at flea markets or a place like a Habitat Re-Store for not that much.


First I gave the windows a good scrub down with windex to get off all the grime and cobwebs they had collected after sitting in the barn for so long.  The I used a medium grit sanding block to get rid of some of the rough edges.  I decided to paint the frames but depending on your window and style you could leave them plain or stain them.

I had a bunch of paint swatches laying around from choosing colors for the house so I sifted through until I found one I liked that would go with the living room walls which are ‘Rainwashed’ by Sherwin Williams.  I ended up with ‘Painted Turtle’ by Behr (see formula below).


Behr ‘painted turtle’ and Krylon looking glass spray

I got a sample of it mixed at Home Depot (you won’t need much paint) and just painted it on with a small angled brush.  I didn’t bother to tape of the glass and didn’t worry about any paint that got on the panes because it is easy to scrape off when dry.

I did one coat of paint on the frames and wasn’t too perfect about it.  I wanted my mirrors to look a little vintage so imperfections were just fine with me.  I let them dry for a few days (mostly because I was busy!) and then was ready to spray paint.  I laid my windows down on an old sheet in the backyard to protect from over spray.  Make sure you lay them painted side down since you will be spraying on the reverse side you want to look  like a mirror.


Then I sprayed the glass, being careful to always keep my arm moving and not apply it too think.  A lot of super thin coats are better than just a few thick ones.  I probably did about twenty super thin coats, just letting the paint dry for a minute in between.  It took almost a full can of paint to do the two windows.


backside of the windows after applying looking glass spray

I let them dry and then took them inside to hang.  I then carefully nailed on a couple of hanger-thingys (technical term?) with the tiny nails they came with.  They were leftover from another project and can be found in the frame section of a craft store.


I marked the studs on our wall using a stud finder and Matt and my sister helped hold them up until I liked where they were.  Then I hammered in some nails and viola!




Sister photo bomb.

Easy, in-expensive, and gorgeous!

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