Springtime Front Porch Update

We might have the prettiest front porch on the block.

Just kidding neighbors.  I actually love living on a street where everyone take pride in their homes, it’s so inspiring (aka keeps my laziness on its toes).

When we moved in it was winter and I didn’t want to think about the outside of our home, let alone be out there.  But now that the grass is greening up and the pollen is dying down we can’t get enough of outside.  And the barren state of our front porch just didn’t cut it anymore.



the only up close picture I could find, from our final walk-through, doesn’t show our furniture

I put out our monogrammed doormat, an old wreath I made on the front door, and the hand-me-down patio table that my parents gave us (it was their ‘dining table’ in their teeny apartment when they were first married), and two USC Gamecock flags (they were actually housewarming presents).




I knew I wanted to keep the flags but also make it pretty so I just ran with a deep red & white color scheme.



We added these Adirondack chairs that we assembled, stained dark walnut, and sealed ourselves (a post on that coming soon!).  I found these red & white outdoor pillows at Wal-Mart in their spring seasonal collection.


I also found these faux wicker (read plastic) planters for cheap at Wal-Mart.  I drilled a hole in the bottom of each, ‘borrowed’ rocks and dirt filler from the empty lot next door, added potting soil, and topped it off with deep red Begonias and bright green Creeping Jenny.  So far they are loving the porch and all the morning sun they get.


Here is the hand-me-down garden table from my parents.  It probably needs a new coat of spray paint but I love its history.  I also moved my spider plant out here to soak up the sun.  The pot I hand painted with terra-cotta craft paint years ago.  It never fit anywhere because it was about the only red & white thing I owned but I must have known this would be our porch on day.


My parents gave me this hummingbird feeder when they came down for Christmas.  I saw my first hummingbird in our front yard recently and I can’t wait to sit on the porch and watch them come to feed.  The ‘zschoom’ sound they make as they dive around is one of my favorites!


In the porch bed I replaced the dead/frozen Chinese Witch Hazel bushes from the builders with Daphne (that I can hopefully keep alive) and added a Quince cutting from my parent’s yard.  I replaced the dead bushes in the front bed with red Knockout roses and planted Asiatic Lilies along the border.  And although fresh lily sprouts are apparently Chloe’s favorite food, even the plants she ate to the ground seem to be surviving.


I can’t wait to have flowers blooming everywhere!  Maybe my thumb is not as brown as once thought!

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