The Saga Continues…

Where were we?

Oh yes, we just bought a house.


The month was March.  The flowers were blooming.  The birds were singing.  Everything was covered with a thick glaze of yellow pollen.  And Matt and I decided to build our first house.  You know, the usual.

Honestly I never really thought that custom building a home was an option.  Only rich and famous people did that.  You know, the kind of people who had bowling alleys and indoor pools with slides from the second floor.  (Although no, neither of those was an option with our builder and yes, I’m sure you do actually have to be rich to build them.)  The builder in our neighborhood is Mungo Homes, which just happened to be a company headquartered in Columbia, SC where we had just moved from.  We actually knew people who had built with them and they have a wonderful reputation.  Not to mention that Ray Tanner, USC’s two-time national championship winning baseball head coach (at the time) was a spokesperson for them.  (We LOVE South Carolina baseball!)


with friends after a USC baseball game

So we met with their realtor, picked out a floor plan, chose our lot, put our money down, and they started building.

Except they didn’t.  It turns out the lot we picked that we thought was in Phase 1 of the development was actually in Phase 2.  Which means it was not hooked up to the water & sewer lines… which means it failed the pre-construction inspection.  So after a lot of tears & frustration and being told our timeline for getting sewer was ‘indefinite’ we chose to move our house to a different lot.  It actually added a total of three months delay on the builder’s timeline.  Originally we would have been able to move into our house right when our apartment lease was up in August.  However due to the confusion and a record rainfall that summer we were pushed back to a move in date right before Thanksgiving.  I was actually supposed to host Matt’s family for Thanksgiving in our new house but my mother-in-law graciously volunteered to have it at her place.  I mean, it is kind of hard to cook & serve a turkey when you’re not even sure where all your dishes are.


the new lot

Those three months felt like forever.  I would like to take a moment to say that Mungo was great through the whole debacle.  It wasn’t their fault for the sewer mixup, that was a developer issue.  And they were really flexible working with us to make things go as smoothly as possible.  So even though it wasn’t a fun experience we would wholeheartedly recommend Mungo to anyone looking to build.  After all they couldn’t help things outside of their control and they did an amazing job helping us where they could.


first floor


second floor

We went with the James floor plan (now renamed Jamison) which was 3 bed, 2.5 bath, with a bonus room.  It really is such an efficient use of space and doesn’t waste a single square inch with landings, formal dining rooms, weird nooks.  Although if you like those things, great, they just weren’t important to us.  More important was the open concept; you can see all the downstairs living space from the front door.  And remember that counter top I hugged when we walked through the models?  Yeah that was the James’ giant kitchen island which is literally as long as I am tall.  Gah.or.geous.  We  were pretty picky with the upgrades we chose in our house and put our money into things we knew would be easier to do on the front end.  So we went for granite and hardwood.


what an awesome sight!

We (finally) moved in with the help of a lot of awesome friends mid November.  So we have been here almost five months and it’s safe to say we LOVE this house.  I might be a little whiny about all the extra space I have to clean but it’s totally worth it.  Honestly we feel blessed for the delay because it put us in an even better spot that we originally picked out.


a huge backyard for a subdivision.  also we desperately need landscaping.

We have a pizza slice-shaped cul-de-sac lot with a gi-nor-meous backyard which is great for the fur babies.  They are building on our original lot and although I miss the mature trees framing the back of it I can tell how much smaller their backyard is going to be.  Secondly we have awesome neighbors who are inviting and generous and we would have missed out on them living farther up the street.  And thirdly I like our new street name better.  That might be a silly one but seriously it’s true.

So that’s our house hunting story.  And now the real fun begins!

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